Fred Schwartz, Board certified anesthesiologist                                  and music therapist Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia/USA

Fred J. Schwartz, M.D. 

314 Woodward Way NW 

Atlanta, GA 30305 

Phone: 404-354-0208 






Treasurer, International Association for Music and Medicine (IAMM) 

Vice President International Society for Music in Medicine (ISMM) 

Founding Board of  Music and Medicine, A journal published  by SAGE  

Editorial board, Music and Medicine 

Advisory board, The Music for Healing and Transition Program  (MHTP) 

American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) 

Sound and Music Healers Association (SAMA) 

Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health 

International Music Society for Prenatal Development 

American Society of Anesthesiologists 

Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists 




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