About us

General Information and Mission Statement 
The International Society for Music in Medicine has been founded on the occasion of the I. International Symposion “Anxiety, Pain and Music” in Luedenscheid, Germany 1982. 
ISMM is a non-profit, scientific, interdisciplinary organization, registered in Germany, devoted to understanding the mechanisms of music in medical treatment and improving the care of patients through research, education and interdisciplinary communication. 
Members of the  organization include health care professionals and scientists dedicated to these goals. The ISMM sponsors scientific meetings and publishes journals and books. 
ISMM is a scientific association, 2/3 of the members being Medical Doctors. The member's fee amounts 80 US$ per year (tax deductable).
The central office of the organization is based out of Luedenscheid, Germany. There are Regional Chapters based in the United States and Europe. 
Requests can be send to the office of ISMM, as printed hereunder.
International Society for Music in MedicineInternationale Gesellschaft für Musik in der Medizin e.V. 
Hochstrasse 57
D-58511 Lüdenscheid
e-mail: ISMMoffice@t-online.de

Prof. Dr. R. Spintge, Germany



Prof. Dr. D. A. Hodges, USA

Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Moreau, Germany

Dr. Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre, Germany

Dr. Fred Schwartz, USA 

Prof. Dr. M. Thaut, USA / Germany


Executive Director
Prof. Dr. R. Droh, Germany

Dr. Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre, Germany


Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. E. Altenmüller, Germany

Dr. Birgitta Burger, Germany

Dr. Elsa Campbell, Ireland

Prof. Dr. Hans-H. Decker-Voigt, 

Prof. Dr. Donald A. Hodges, 

Prof. Karin Holzwarth, Germany

Prof. Dr. Gunter Kreutz, 

Prof. Dr. Joanne Loewy

Prof. Dr. Raymond MacDonald, 

Dr. Clare O`Callaghan
, Australia

Prof. Dr. Michael Thaut
, USA / Germany

Prof. Dr. Barbara Wheeler