Associations & Institutions

EMTC European Music Therapy Confederation

The EMTC is a confederation of professional music therapy associations, working actively to promote the further development of professional practice in Europe, and to foster exchange. The overall purpose of the EMTC is to nurture mutual respect, understanding and exchange between music therapists in Europe. 



The International Association for Music & Medicine is a registered non-profit organisation formed in 2009 to encourage and support the use of music in medical contexts including research into the benefits of music, and its specialised applications in healthcare. The IAMM organizes an international conference every two years.


The Nordic Countries

Since the 1960s the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway

and Sweden have been working together in promoting music therapy

in Northern Europe. Norway organized the very first Nordic Conference

in 1991.


Today, the Nordic conference usually occurs every fourth year, alternating in being arranged within one of these countries. The Nordic conferences are attracting increasing attention in the international music therapy community because of their high scientific level and merry hospitality.



MaHRC is an inter-disciplinary, inter-laboratory, inter-departmental, inter-institutional research centre focused on four areas of research questions around music, basic and clinical neuroscience, and applications to health.



VIBRAC offers training in Vibroacoustic Therapy internationally. VIBRAC was founded in 2012 and the organisation itself is administrated by the Eino Roiha Foundation, Jyväskylä. The centre is organised under the Executive Board, the Core Group, the Advisory Board, and the Scientific Committee.