Norm Goldberg

Norman Goldberg
Norman Goldberg

Norman Goldberg was the founder and Chairman of the Board of Magna Music Baton, founded in 1964. Magna Music Baton, later known by the acronym MMB, was a life-line to all practising music therapists in the US and throughout the world, as it carried almost all publications on music therapy at that time as well as the Orff instruments under the brand “Studio 49.”

Norman brought indefatigable energy for music in all its applications: in music education and special education, in music therapy, and in arts medicine, particularly music medicine. He promoted the Orff-Schulwerk approach to music education and special education, and was the distributor of STUDIO 49 Orff Instruments and the texts that went with them. He also ran workshops for music educators in Orff-Schulwerk. His MMB booth was present on all ISMM conferences until 2003 Hamburg, providing somekind of an "orientation point" for every attendee.

For almost 30 years MMB Music was almost the sole publisher of music therapy texts, and Norman promoted music therapy as an important health care profession in countless ways. The American Music Therapy Association honoured his contribution by naming its library the Norman Goldberg Library. ISMM offered him Honorary Membership and enlisted Norman as good standing member of the International Scientific Committee.

Norman also promoted music medicine with great enthusiasm. MMB published the International Journal of Arts Medicine (IJAM) and the proceeding of ISMM´s MusicMedicine conferences, under the titles MusicMedicine 1 and 2.   IJAM was produced over almost 10 years, from 1991-1999, and was respected for the high quality of the publication, including beautiful colour-plated covers, and the high quality of the content, which included all aspects of arts medicine.
We all remember Norman as a good-humoured man, a loyal friend who worked tirelessly to promote music therapy and music medicine.  He leaves a wonderful legacy in the company that continues to promote music and its applications in education, therapy and medicine.

We will always remember him very fondly.

Denise Grocke, Monika Noecker-Ribaupierre  and Ralph Spintge